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Big changes at Arcon!

September 2016

Chris Neill, Arcon Chair

The past 12 months have seen some very big changes, at Arcon. For a start, our longstanding Chair, Dora Blake, has stood down, after giving Arcon many years of excellent service. Chris Neill, an Arcon Board Member since 2014, has since been appointed as our new Chair. Chris could not be better placed to lead Arcon, in these very exciting times. With his impressive property industry background and his own property management business, Chris has all the right experience and entrepreneurial spirit and skills to move Arcon forward, making sure that it meet its goals of providing more high quality affordable homes and even better services, for customers.

As well as saying “goodbye” to Dora, we have also seen a change at the top with Peter Schilizzi leaving Arcon in 2015, to be replaced, as Chief Executive, by Bernard Gallagher, at the beginning of the year.

One thing for sure is that Chris and Bernard have not let the grass grow under their feet when it comes to planning Arcon’s future and introducing some much needed changes. Work has already begun, on improving services, with the introduction of a new ‘customer hub’. Our new Corporate Plan has just been approved, by the Board and will see Arcon growing and diversifying, over the next five years.

When asked about taking over from Dora and Peter, Chris commented…

“Bernard and I are delighted to be given the opportunity to carry on Dora’s and Peter’s good work and are committed to modernising and improving the way we deliver responsive and value for money services, to all our customers, even in these times of Government austerity measures”.