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A story with a happy ending

September 2016

Mark Armstrong

We all love a story with a happy ending and what we are about to tell you most definitely falls into that category.

Not so long ago, Mark Armstrong, who works for Arcon contractors Bradley Environmental Ltd, was carrying out a survey in one of our empty properties, in Droylsden. During the survey, Mark came across a gold watch which was engraved to commemorate an ICI employee’s 30 years of service.

Realising that the watch would be of huge sentimental value to someone, Mark was quickly on the case, trying to track down the watch’s rightful owner. It soon came to light that the relatives of the former tenant had been searching for their father’s watch, when they had cleared out the property. Sadly, their search had been in vain as the watch had not turned up.

So here is the happy ending… just when they had given up all hope of ever being reunited with their father’s treasured watch, the news of Mark’s discovery broke. They were absolutely delighted with the outcome, offering Mark a huge “thank you” for his honesty, care and understanding as well as all the trouble he went to, in making sure that the watch would continue to be cherished for many years to come.

A spokesperson, from Bradley Environmental Ltd. commented…

“We are absolutely delighted that a sentimental item, from their family history, has been found”.