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Rebranding looking to the future

November 2016

Our recently launched Corporate Plan identifies the very real need for Arcon to be modernised, if it is to become a “recognised and progressive regionally based organisation”. So having operated as a small, traditional housing association, for the past 45 years, how are we now going to “create a new dynamic, highly distinctive and independent regional housing group”?

A very important strand of our Modernisation Strategy involves Arcon’s rebranding. We need to create a brand new look and direction for Arcon, as we move from being a traditional to a more dynamic and progressive organisation.

Our first steps, in this process, are focused on getting people thinking and talking about how the Arcon Group should be branded and how important it is to get this right. To this end, we are setting up a Rebranding Working Group made up of Arcon Directors, Managers, Board Members and Tenant Scrutiny Committee (TSC) Members.

The Group’s initial job will be to establish the basic building blocks, for developing our new identity and branding framework. For a start, members will need to consider our corporate identity, focusing on the current look, style and feel of our organisation. Moving forward, they will consider logo styles, colour palettes, typefaces, graphic standards and visual imagery.

The first meeting of the Group is scheduled for mid-January 2017 and in the meantime, a Rebranding Survey is to be carried out, to establish the early views of staff, Board and TSC Members, on Arcon’s future look and direction.