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Our Rebranding Survey

January 2017

To help capture some early ideas and views from staff, the Board and customers alike, a Rebranding Questionnaire was sent out to all our staff and Board and Tenant Scrutiny Committee Members, in mid-December. The questions focused on:

Over 60% of people completed and returned forms, providing us with an absolute wealth of ideas and views which are now being fed into our rebranding process

So what exactly did the survey results tell us? To give you a taste of what was said, many people felt that customers must still get a high quality, personal service, despite our new ways of working.

Looking to the future, there was excitement over Arcon retaining its independence, particularly as many smaller associations seem to see being swallowed up, by much bigger organisations, as inevitable.

There was a strength of feeling that we should be looking to raise our profile, telling the world about all the great things we do. This is summed up beautifully in the words of one respondent…

“Arcon has a great story to tell, the staff do excellent work in improving people’s homes and communities and Arcon has exciting plans for the future. All of this could be shared more widely”.

Hopefully, we have got off to a great start, in making sure this happens!