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September 2016

The concept behind our text messaging service could not be simpler. It is there to make it easier for you to contact us and easier for us to keep you better informed.

The benefits of signing up to the service are many. Once your mobile telephone number is registered, you can check your rent account balance, report repairs and order a new payment card. In return, we can confirm when you reported a repair, remind you of repair appointments, carry out short surveys and let you know about forthcoming events, all by text. We promise not to send you lots of unwanted texts and we will always make sure that we text you between the hours of 8.00am to 7.00pm. Please be aware that the actual cost to you, of texting Arcon, will be based on your mobile telephone contract.

So how do you sign up for our text messaging service? First of all, we will need your mobile telephone number so please ring our Customer Hub, on 0161 214 4120 and we will make sure you are added to our system. If you are already registered but change your mobile telephone number, please contact us, on the same number, to update your details. Once you are registered, we will give you a handy card, for your wallet or purse, so you have always got our contact details to hand.

Once you are registered, you should send text messages to 07425 457 457 texting:


to check the balance on your rent or service charge account


to receive a call back from the Customer Hub


to tell our Maintenance Team you want to report a repair. You can add details of the repair if you want.


to order a new payment card


to let us know you want to set up or change an existing direct debit


to check when your last Housing Benefit payment was received (if applicable)

text messageCalling all Arcon Customers…

If you have not already registered and you would like to take advantage of our text messaging service, please ring our Customer Hub, on 0161 214 4120 and we will make sure you are added to our system.