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Tenant Scrutiny Committee… keeping us on our toes

September 2016

Tenant Scrutiny Committee

Our Tenant Scrutiny Committee (TSC) has continued to keep us on our toes this year, completing two reviews and embarking on a third.

Members of the Committee first got stuck into how anti-social behaviour (ASB) complaints are dealt with, recommending that our ASB leaflet and diary sheets be re-written and an ASB page be added to our website.

They then turned their attention to Arcon’s ‘Deeplake’ text messaging service, recommending that we check that we had up to date mobile phone numbers, for customers. They also recommended that we promote Deeplake, getting more people to register. Their final recommendation was that we look at ways to integrate Deeplake, into our repairs procedures.

The Committee is currently working on a third review, focusing on written information, produced and sent out to customers by Arcon. Customers’ ideas and views have been gathered through some face to face interviews and a survey, carried out by text. The Committee’s final report should be ready, in Autumn 2016 and will be posted on our website.

On a sad note, one of the founding members of the Tenant Services Committee, Merton Cantor, passed away earlier in the year. Merton made a very valuable contribution, to the Committee and will be sadly missed by fellow members, staff and the wider Arcon family.