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Arcon - What's in a name

January 2017

One of the questions, on our Rebranding Questionnaire, asked whether people were happy to stick with the name ‘Arcon’ or whether they would you like to see a name change.

People had to consider whether the name would be a hindrance, as we move from being a traditional housing association to a more dynamic and progressive organisation. On the other hand, would sticking with the name help strengthen our position, after all it has been around since 1972?

Once the survey results came in, it soon became very clear that the name Arcon was a ‘keeper’, with 65% of people stating outright that they were happy to retain it. From a practical point of view, this means that we can now press ahead with the development of our new brand and website.

So as the name Arcon is so obviously here to stay, we thought it might be a good idea to track down where it originally came from and what it might mean.

Arcon is actually the name we were ‘born’ with, back in 1972, when our organisation was first registered as Arcon Housing Association (Cost Rent) Ltd. There is a popular belief, amongst staff, that the name was simply ‘made-up’. The first three letters were taken from the word ARCHITECT and the last three from the word CONSTRUCTION.

Whether this was the case, back in 1972, we will probably never know for certain but there is another far more ‘romantic’ possibility. It could be that our organisation was called after Arcon, a small village in the east of France, which has under 1,000 inhabitants and under 400 homes. Could it be that one of our ‘founding fathers’ used to holiday in Arcon and decided it was as good a name as any?

If you are able to throw any light on our name’s true origins, please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.