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Arcon’s bee family

‘Born and bred’ in Manchester, we could not be prouder of our roots so when it came to our rebranding, we felt we should acknowledge this in some way. It really did not take long to come up with the idea of developing a ‘family’ of Arcon bees, representing Arcon Housing Group, Arcon Housing Association and Arcon Developments.

So why were bees the obvious choice? For Mancunians, this is an absolute ‘no brainer’ but for people with no ties to the city, an explanation might be in order. It is impossible for anyone, visiting Manchester city centre, not to spot bees. Look up and you will see them on a vast number of buildings, both modest and grand. On the street you will spot them on lampposts, litter bins, bollards and planters. They are simply everywhere!

The bee has been a symbol of Manchester ever since the Industrial Revolution, when workers in the textile mills were compared to bees, in their hives and the terms ‘busy bee’ and ‘hives of activity’ were born. At the end of the Industrial Revolution, in 1842, seven bees were incorporated in Manchester’s Coat of Arms.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Manchester bee has come to symbolise the City’s strength and unity, in the face of the Manchester Arena bombing. As a mark of our respect, to the 22 victims and all those injured in the blast, we are creating a ‘bee wall’, of 22 Arcon bees, in our new Quay West offices.

Please keep an eye out for our Arcon bees, ‘buzzing around’ on our new website and carrying with them our very important message that we are…

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