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Childrens Safety Education Foundation

Arcon are delighted to announce the Children’s Safety Education Foundation as one of the winners of our Community Funding Bid, having been awarded £1,500! The Foundation is currently working with the Co-Operative school in the Blackley area of Manchester for the benefit of approximately 350 young people through the ‘Respect Your Life’ citizenship programme. The Respect programme teaches young people about the devastating consequences that crime and anti-social behaviour have on their own health, safety and wellbeing and that of the communities in which they live.

The Foundation works as part of a whole school approach to citizenship, encompassing the formal and informal curriculum, including interpersonal relationships between staff, pupils, parents and carers and other wider community agencies. The Respect project demonstrates the need for this tailored citizenship education service at a critical time in the lives of young people. Topics covered are gangs, guns, knife crime, criminal damage, substance abuse, hate crime and bullying. Delivery of this project will be through interactive and experimental approaches to teaching and learning where the learner seeks out information for themselves; group discussions; role play and observation of personal experience.

The £1,500 grant will be used to cover the costs 200 Respect Your Life textbooks as well as an accompanying digital programme. Having received a copy of the textbook, we were all very impressed by the span of topics covered as well as the depth of knowledge and advice contained in them, through their colourful and interactive presentation and activity suggestions. The Respect project involves young people making real decision to help them stay safe in and out of the classroom.

As a result of this regular intervention, around 350 young people, many from Blackley where Arcon has properties, will have the necessary skills to help them avoid violence when faced with risks and dangers to their personal safety. It is hoped that fewer young people will be involved with violence, bullying and anti-social behaviour and becoming victims to crime. Through the acquisition of knowledge and a deeper, real life practical application of issues, young people will be equipped to make informed decisions which have the ability to impact on their lives forever.

All lessons will be delivered by teachers at the school and will compliment a lot of the work already done on general behaviour and attitudes, both in school and those in the community such as interventions from local agencies including the Police, Fire Service and the NHS. Material in the textbooks and relevant worksheets extend this work further as it encourages the empowerment of young people so that they will improve their lives and those of others.

Arcon are proud to have partnered with the Children’s Safety Education Foundation to help build up confidence and resilience in young people and enable their contribution to society and enabling them to be valued and valuable members in the Manchester community. 

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