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How to stay safe this Christmas

Are you taking risks with your safety during the holidays? Maybe you’ve never really given it much thought. Well, with an average of 102 fires a day in the UK during December, it’s important to understand how you can stay safe this Christmas.

Here are three top tips on staying safe during the festive season…

1.    Check your Christmas lights

Whether they’re new this year, or back out of the loft from last Christmas, you should make sure you check your Christmas lights. Before you plug them in look for any faults or loose wires. Even if they’re deemed safe, you should always switch them off at night (and when you leave the house) and be mindful that you’re not overloading your sockets. You can find out more about overloading your sockets on Electrical Safety First’s website.

2.    Take care in the kitchen

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re entertaining friends and family. That said, you should never leave your kitchen unattended. Keep an eye on the oven, check your smoke alarm is working and make sure you only have a tipple or two once the food has been served.

3. Don’t charge your new electricals on the bed

Whether you’ve got a new phone, tablet or games console, never leave it charging unattended on a bed. Unplug your appliances and charge your devices on a hard surface to stay safe this Christmas.

It’s vital that you remember to register any new electrical item that you purchase. This allows the manufacturer to contact you if your appliance is found to be faulty or dangerous in the future.

For more advice on how to stay safe when using electricity visit the Electrical Safety First website.