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Mancunian Way

We are proud to announce one of the winners of our Community Funding Bid as Mancunian Way who have been awarded £3,000! You may already have heard about this multi-award winning charity working with troubled teenagers in Greater Manchester, which was set up only six years ago by its CEO, Nick Buckley. Mancunian Way work as out-reach specialists across Greater Manchester and operate in the areas of youth and community engagement, reducing anti-social behaviour and supporting vulnerable homeless people.

At Arcon, care about our tenants and the local communities that we serve. In 2015 we established our Community Funding Bid where local organisations can bid for a share of £25,000. Through the Community Fund, we aim to support local initiatives and projects that make a positive and lasting differences to the lives of many.  

Arcon’s Community Funding Grant award of £3,000 will go towards Mancunian Ways’ ‘Change4Good’ project which is designed to tackle the entrenched issue of rough sleeping in our city through a systematic approach of providing practicable support to vulnerable individuals to support them into suitable accommodation. Not only this, they seek to provide tailored services to each individual they work with to ensure appropriate and necessary support and access to the relevant services.

Change4Good has already had over 1,500 engagements with homeless individuals in Manchester and has supported 60 people with accessing mental and physical health services. In 2017, the team successfully assisted 48 homeless individuals into secure and sustainable accommodation.  Further to these extraordinary achievements, the project has assisted 34 individuals in accessing quality and safe accommodation in the local area so far.

Chief executive of Arcon meeting Nick Buckley of Mancunian Way

Nick Buckley expressed how the grant would enable his staff to further their outreach projects; ‘Having the backing of Arcon Housing is really important when we are trying to get people off the streets. Their funding helps us keep qualified intervention workers on the streets helping the most vulnerable in society into safer and happier lives’.

It was clear to Arcon that this valuable charity was deserving of our £3,000 grant in order to protect the longevity of the amazing work achieved so far. We wish to continue our interactions with this organisation as we steadfastly believe that Change4Good is a vital project having a direct impact on a pertinent and pressing issue in our city.