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New partnership to deliver more homes across the region

Arcon Housing Group and Bolton at Home are looking to come together in a group structure in support of their joint plans to increase housing supply in the north-west.

The discussions are in their early stages and the Boards of both of the Greater Manchester housing associations have given their support.

In a joint statement, Bernard Gallagher, CEO of Arcon Housing Group and Jon Lord, CEO of Bolton at Home Limited, said:

“The coming together of our housing associations will further increase the supply of much-needed homes for both rent and affordable home ownership, and support our collective ambitions to broaden our housing offer. We will of course continue to focus on delivering high quality services to our tenants.

This strategic partnership has mutual benefits and plays to our respective strengths. Both our organisations are top rated for robust governance and financial stability. We are both already working together as part of the Greater Manchester Housing Providers’ Group and are ambitious to jointly deliver the new homes our region needs at even greater pace than we may be able to do individually.

The newly formed Group’s development programme would enable its specialist development team to deliver more than 1300 homes by 2023.”