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Oasis Blog November

Our RE-SKILL programme develops skills, confidence and aspirations.  Everyone is welcome to do as much or as little as they want.  Lessons and workshops include: Maths, English, Art, Crafts, ESOL and Cookery.  We have so much fun learning together! 

Maths Made Easy

We practice mental maths including adding, subtracting, division and multiplication which helps us in our everyday life.  It keeps our brains active too!

“I was so bored at home…staring at my four walls.  I was pretty lonely too.  At Oasis I’ve made loads of friends and I’m learning loads of new stuff.  We have a laugh here, there is so much to do.  I’m never bored now!” Oasis client

clients sat around a table

Photo above shows a group of Oasis clients talking about making their money go further with their weekly shop.


“I’ve been a bit confused since going on Universal credit, I can’t seem to make ends meet anymore.  We’ve been chatting at Oasis about how we can make our money last and learning how universal credit works.  With these maths classes, the cheap Oasis charity shop and free café I’m feeling a lot less stressed!” Oasis client.


image of client writing

Photo above shows an Oasis client brushing up on mental math…it’s fun trust us!