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Trio of Leaflets

Over the forthcoming weeks, all of our tenants will be receiving a trio of advice leaflets in the post, containing information on smart meters, universal credit and how to protect against damp and mould. These leaflets have been designed to give you the latest information on important issues which are likely to impact many of our tenants.

Smart meters are a new generation of gas and electricity meters installed by your energy supplier. They replace your traditional meters to make it easier to keep control of your energy by letting you see exactly how much energy you use in pounds and pence. This guide by Smartt Energy GB explains the benefits of this new measuring meter and how to go about ordering one if you so wish.

The Digital Universal Credit guide explains everything you need to know about the all new benefit system being introduced across the UK. It is a concise fact book which can offer guidance throughout your transition to Universal Credit, if applicable. It is a very handy little book so definitely worth a read.

The ‘Keeping your home free from damp and mould’ leaflet offers some handy tips for you to follow to minimise any negative effects of the weather on your property this winter. These simple suggestions can make a big difference and are really easy to put into place too.

Look out for these soon!