Latest News — articles for December 2017

Arundel Court Sprinkler System

One week after the Grenfell tragedy, our board decided to install a sprinkler system in our sole tower block at Arundel Court, Blackley, making us what we believe to be the first housing association in Greater Manchester to have retrofitted sprinklers, as a result of the June events.

How to stay safe this Christmas

Are you taking risks with your safety during the holidays? Maybe you’ve never really given it much thought. Well, with an average of 102 fires a day in the UK during December, it’s important to understand how you can stay safe this Christmas.

Here are three top tips on staying safe during the festive season…

Community Funding Winner - Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (North West)

We are very happy to announce one of the winners of our Community Funding Bid as the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre NW who have been awarded a grant of £2,200 to support the incredible services they offer to those with MS and other neurological conditions across the North West. Established in 2004, this charity aims to enrich the lives of those living with MS by offering a variety of professional led therapies in a positive and supportive environment with the intention to enable those attending sessions to have a greater quality and outlook on life.